How to flirt and how to seduce -- flirt, pick-up and seduce            (francais)


 How to flirt and how to seduce ,  how to pick-up and win women...


After having seduced and won the love of more than one hundred women (some of which were the most beautiful), I’ve developed some fool-proof seduction techniques.  No matter what you look like, my seduction techniques can apply to anyone – in bars, in night clubs, in restaurants, in schools, in shopping centers, in chat rooms, at work, at the beach or even in the street.  Wherever there is a rare beautiful woman waiting for you, she is only waiting for one thing – for you to make the first step.


 For you and only you, this easy-to-read book goes straight to the heart of the matter.  You’ll no longer worry about talking with beautiful women who you always thought were unapproachable for so many years.  Thanks to this book, I’ll tell you what women really like and don’t like, and what you should say and shouldn’t say. Use all these secrets to make you the best seducer possible. 


For the first two minutes of an initial meeting, you’ll know what to say, how to say it, what to do and how to put these techniques into practice.  You’ll also find out how to tell if the woman you’re going out with has fallen madly in love with you.  Once you’ve gone through this book and have put my seduction techniques into practice, flirting will become a very enjoyable activity. 


If you are someone who avoids talking with a beautiful woman because her beauty intimidates you to the point that your heart rate increases proportionally to your desire, to get to know this rare pearl, you should buy this book to avoid it happening again.  


All my seduction techniques have been tried, tested and approved by my closest friends – all of whom I taught personally the special techniques found in my book.  No matter your age or that of the woman that you’re attracted to, my techniques always work. 


  After having read this book, believe me, you’ll become an irresistible seducer with more confidence in yourself than you could have ever imagined.


All your friends will be jealous of your  new seductive personality because they won’t know what your secret is.  And it is to your advantage not to disclose it either.  You have to put all the chances on your side.  It will be our little secret.




  To date, 31,512 books have been sold in the World since January 1, 2001 and more than 8,537 in French.

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