Always keep in mind that honesty and wisdom are virtues that women appreciate.  But wait.  You should be able to support a woman’s glance, dive into her eyes and stay like that without staring or avoiding her at the same time.  If you avoid her glance, you cannot create an atmosphere of confidence, which is so important in a relationship.  Women judge men by their eyes more than in any other way. If she cannot see your eyes, she will start to wonder what you are hiding.

 A woman can be charmed if you do not give her the impression that hang out at bars and run after other women.  So much the better for you if you are not that type and do not have to lie to a woman.  However, if on the other hand you do go out every night to a bar where you just met the woman, do not mention this fact.  She will think otherwise that you go around town with all the women.  Love women, yes, but do it discreetly.  Between you and me, one who kisses too much cannot hug properly.  What does it do to seduce all the women when you only need one good one to make you happy?

For that one woman that has caught your eye, you have probably mustered the curious because you were able to control your shyness.  You were honest, but you knew how to mix some mystery into your conversation also.  Do not think of your other relationships at this time.  No two people are the same even if she looked like another woman from your past.  It is a difficult challenge to overcome.  Also, do not start off by hinting sexual connotations.  If she is hinting of sex, all the better for you.  She will appreciate that you know how to wait and can say, “I want you but I don’t want you to think that I only think of “that.”  I want you to know that I respect you.”  A woman most of all wants to feel respected and loved for who she is – in her heart, in her head and not just in her body.  Besides, if you are only looking for a girl for a one-night stand, she will be able to sense this, and the chances are great that you will spend the night alone.

Touching does not necessarily imply a sexual relationship, but it helps connecting to others.  Women who touch you on the shoulder or on the arm during the evening, do they leave you feeling indifferent?  Are they not the ones that you remember the longest from the evening?  Also, touching shows your availability to contact or connect with someone.  You enter into their private zone, and you stop being strangers with each other......